A Brief History About Kefir

Kefir dates back many centuries to the shepherds of the Caucasus mountains. They discovered that fresh milk carried in leather pouches would occasionally ferment into an effervescent beverage.

In the Caucasian Mountains, legend has it that the resulting kefir "grains (not really a true grain) were a gift to Orthodox people from Mohammed, who instructed them on how to use the grains. Mohammed strictly forbade them from giving away the secret of kefir preparation to other people, or pass anyone kefir grains, because they would lose their "magic strength." The legend explains why kefir grains and the method for kefir preparation have been surrounded by mystery for so long.

For most of recorded history, kefir was scarcely known outside the Caucasian Mountains, although Marco Polo mentioned it in recounting his travels.

This self-carbonated dairy-based beverage continues to be popular in Russia, southwestern Asia and Eastern and Northern Europe, and has recently gained some popularity in the United States.

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